Early Birds/ Stay and Play

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Early Birds/ Stay and Play


All bookings must be booked and paid for in advance using our KidsClubHQ online booking system.

Early Birds is £4.00 per session

Stay & Play is £9.00 per session.

Early Birds

Early Birds opens its doors at 8am with a relaxed feel to start the day.  For breakfast we have a variety of cereals to choose from, fresh fruit, mousses, fromage frais and assorted fruit juice to drink.

 We have an art table, construction mat and a games table on offer and of course our breakfast table where the children eat and chat.

 At 8.45am the children walk to their classrooms (Reception children are escorted to their classroom and handed over to the class teacher).

 All in all a good start to the day!

Stay and Play

Stay and Play runs from 3:15pm - 5:30pm.

At Stay and Play we offer a wide variety of different activities every day for the children to take part in if they wish to.

 Art Table – colouring, sticky art, drawing, stencils, I can draw books etc.

 Construction – lego, building blocks, polydron, car mat, multi-link and more.

 Reading Mat – an assortment of books are available to the children who wish to have a quiet read.

 Home Corner – book a holiday at the Travel Agents, visit the vets, enjoy a drink & cake at the cafe and be a teacher in the school.

 Outside Area – weather permitting we go outside in Acorn garden area to play.

 Extras – we also have laptops and a Nintendo wii.

 If you wish you can send a healthy snack for your child to have, water with orange & blackcurrant squash and fresh fruit (when available) are on offer throughout the session.